Knowing what families and keynotes are in a detail


When you visit Artifact home page you can see a word cloud of popular search terms below the search box. Click any term the app will take you to the search page with the search results.



Currently the search terms on the home page are created by the team admin. Admin has visibility to all the search terms from Artifact dashboard as part of our services. Admin can select popular search terms and pin as many as possible on the Data Manage page. The pinned search terms will show up in the word cloud on the home page for everyone.

data management


Keynote values in a view

This is a popular ask and we have it enabled! You can view keynote values in the keynote table below the view information in the detail view now.

ketnote value


View families in a view

You can view all the families that are used in a view in the detail drawer now. Expand the Families table below the view information you will see the families' Revit version and names.

families list